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National Advocacy Center

Located in Washington, D.C., the National Advocacy Center focuses on policy issues, government affairs, and media outreach to advance environmental legislation.

1200 G St. NW, Suite 900
Washington, DC 20005

National Advocacy Center Staff

Sarah Laskin

Vice President, National Advocacy Center

Jim Lyon

Vice President, Conservation Policy

Barbara Bramble

Vice President, International Conservation and Corporate Strategies

Laura Daniel-Davis

Vice President, Conservation Strategy

Mustafa Santiago Ali

Vice President for Environmental Justice, Climate, and Community Revitalization

Lauren Anderson

Senior Program Coordinator

Mauricio Bauer

Corporate Engagement Specialist

Max Broad

Sustainable Bioenergy Specialist

David Burns

Project Manager, Tropical Forest & Agriculture

Sasha Clarke

Senior Program Coordinator, Tropical Forests & Agriculture

David DeGennaro

Agriculture Policy Specialist

Naomi Edelson

Senior Director, Wildlife Partnerships

Jessica Espenshade

Agriculture Program Coordinator

Lucy Evert

Coordinator, National Campaigns

Jill Feldhusen

Senior Coordinator, Campaigns

Aviva Glaser

Policy Director, Agriculture

Patty Glick

Senior Specialist, Climate

Jan Goldman-Carter

Senior Director, Water Resources

Simon Hall

Manager, Tropical Forests & Agriculture

Matt Hansen

Director, NAC Operations

Michael Happ

Legislative Coordinator

Shannon Heyck-Williams

Director of Climate and Energy Policy

Kelleh Jian

Office Manager

John Kanter

Senior Wildlife Biologist

Kiryssa Kasprzyk

Program Coordinator, Tropical Forests & Agriculture

Lekha Knuffman

Research Specialist

Mike Leahy

Senior Manager, Public Land Conservation & Sportsmen Policy

Elizabeth Lillard

Agriculture Program Specialist

Sam Lockhart

Manager, National Campaigns

Tara Losoff

Senior Manager, Advocacy Campaigns

Claudia Malloy

Associate Vice President, Campaigns

Lacey McCormick

Senior Manager, Communications

Jessica Ordóñez-Lancet

Communications Coordinator

Jim Murphy

Senior Counsel

Jessie Ritter

Director of Water Resources and Coastal Policy

Ilana Rubin

Sr. Coordinator, Water Resources

Mike Saccone

Associate Vice President of Communications

Melissa Samet

Senior Counsel, Water Resources

Julie Sibbing

Associate Vice President, Land Stewardship

Bruce Stein

Associate Vice President, Chief Scientist

Ryan Stockwell

Director of Sustainable Agriculture

Abby Tinsley

Senior Director for Government Affairs

Anna Vecchio

Communications Manager

Nathalie Walker

Director, Tropical Forests and Agriculture

Glenn Watkins

Water Policy Specialist

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