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Whole Child: Developing Mind, Body, and Spirit Through Outdoor Play
When it comes to the whole child, nature may indeed be the best kind of nurture.

The Dirt on Dirt: How Getting Dirty Outdoors Benefits Kids
Getting down and dirty in the great outdoors—far from being a bad thing—helps children lead healthier, happier lives.

Green Time for Sleep Time: Three Ways Nature and Outdoor Time Improve Your Child’s Sleep
More time in natural settings can help a child get fresh air, be healthier, feel better, and even get a higher quality of sleep.

The Forecast Calls for Play: Feel Confident Outdoors No Matter the Weather
Barring truly threatening conditions, children are safe to play outside in most kinds of weather.

Outdoor Play for Every Day
Spending regular time outdoors helps children grow lean and strong, enhances imaginations and attention spans, decreases aggression, boosts classroom performance, and makes kids better future caretakers of the environment.

Back to School: Back Outside! Create High Performing Students
Outdoor education and play time help students become high-performance learners with skill sets that will be with them throughout their lives, and help students perform measurably better on standardized tests.

Time Out: Using the Outdoors to Enhance Classroom Performance
School administrations and educators have a critical role to play in reversing the negative impacts of the increasingly indoor childhood and helping children to experience, understand, and appreciate nature and the outdoors.

Summary: Connecting Kids and Nature
Children should have access to and time for play in nature. A right for unstructured play. A right to create and explore. A right to experience the sense of wonder of being outside.

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Friending Fresh Air: Connecting Kids to Nature in the Digital Age

How can parents balance technology's role in their kids’ lives with the simple pleasures and lasting benefits of outdoor play? With this report, understand how kids’ media habits can impact their health, learning, and social development, and discover tools for combining the best of both worlds—virtual and natural.

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