Trump Administration Rule Limits Science-Based Decision-Making, Undermines Peer-Reviewed Studies

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Amid a global health crisis, a new rule from the Trump Administration sets a dangerous precedent disregarding scientific research and evidence in federal policymaking. The rule, announced today, would exclude high-quality, peer-reviewed scientific evidence from the regulatory decision-making process. The rule undermines the Environmental Protection Agency’s mission to protect the health of our communities and environment and directly contradicts existing laws and mandates that require the use of “best available” science.

“As Americans face both a public health crisis alongside the growing effects of the climate crisis, we must be able to trust that science is guiding the federal government’s decision-making,” said Dr. Bruce Stein, chief scientist at the National Wildlife Federation. “The only ‘transparency’ in this proposed regulation is its clear intent to censor legitimate and sound science that may be inconvenient to powerful industries that are regulated by EPA. We encourage the incoming Biden Administration to withdraw this rule and restore the role of science at the EPA at a time when we need it most.” 

The rule change comes amid several other attacks on science and the environment by the Trump Administration, including rejecting public health measures such as improved air quality standards. 

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