President Should Make Climate Action, Conservation, Environmental Justice, and Resilience Central to His First State of the Union Address

President Joe Biden should make climate action, conservation, environmental justice, and resilience central to his first State of the Union Address. These priorities, which have bipartisan support and can create good-paying jobs, would build on the Biden Administration’s landmark bipartisan infrastructure law and its important investments in clean energy, innovation, environmental justice, and restoration.

“President Biden’s first State of the Union Address offers an opportunity to highlight his Administration’s record of achievement and call upon Congress to enact impactful and inclusive solutions that benefit people and wildlife alike. From the climate provisions in reconciliation to the bipartisan Recovering America’s Wildlife Act, the president should make it clear that his Administration can meet the moment we face and bridge Washington’s partisan divide,” said Collin O’Mara, president and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation. “President Biden should speak to this notable recent history and challenge Congress to join with him to pass solutions as big as the problems facing people and wildlife today.”

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