NWF Joins Coalition Applauding Governor Cuomo for Action on Offshore Wind

New York One Step Closer to National Leadership on Wind Energy

Albany, N.Y. — New York State released a draft Offshore Wind Blueprint today which reaffirms the Cuomo Administration’s commitment to a long-term, large scale offshore wind program, lays the groundwork for a plan to develop a scalable offshore wind program and moves the future of offshore wind projects in the near term forward.  It is expected the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) will now take up the vote to move New York’s first, and the nation’s largest, offshore wind project forward within the month.
The Blueprint comes after the release of Governor Cuomo’s Clean Energy Standard (CES) last month, which requires New York to generate 50 percent of its electricity from renewable energy sources and reduce carbon pollution 40 percent by 2030. Local, state and national organizations are praising it as a critical step towards achieving the goals set out by Governor Cuomo, establishing New York as a national leader in renewable energy and curbing climate disruption.
In addition to grid reliability and stable electricity bills, a commitment to implementing a steady stream of offshore wind projects over the next decade would create of thousands of new jobs and manufacturing opportunities while increasing economic development throughout the state.
“Today’s announcement shows continued progress in New York’s pursuit of offshore wind power – a massive, untapped clean energy source available far off our shores,” Catherine Bowes, Senior Manager for Climate & Energy at National Wildlife Federation said. “We look forward to working with NYSERDA to ensure the final Offshore Wind Master Plan includes the long-term, large scale commitment to offshore wind needed to meet Governor Cuomo’s 50 percent renewable energy goal by 2030. Swift, bold action to advance responsibly developed offshore wind power is critical for protecting New York’s communities and wildlife from the dangers of climate change.”
“Today’s Offshore Wind Blueprint is a strong next step forward as the state works towards a long-term, large scale offshore wind policy for NY,” Lisa Dix, New York Senior Representative for the Sierra Club said. “A well thought out and supported offshore wind program with real commitments to certainty, longevity and scale is essential to ensuring the state meets its 50 percent by 2030 renewable energy goal. As such, we expect the Administration to move forward on projects off the south fork of Long Island and the Rockaways this year.”
“The new Offshore Wind Blueprint lays out a policy framework that will support the successful deployment of offshore wind power for New York,” Liz Gordon, Director of the New York Offshore Wind Alliance said. “Offshore wind power is crucial to achieving the State’s 50 percent renewables by 2030 requirement, and the Offshore Wind Master Plan studies outlined by this Blueprint will be an important component of achieving this objective, which will require a large-scale, long-term commitment by New York.”
“New York’s blueprint for offshore wind development recognizes the critical role this technology will play in the state’s transition to renewable energy,” Gordian Raacke, Executive Director of Renewable Energy Long Island said. “This blueprint is coming out just in time for New York to attract investments and begin to build an offshore wind industry here.”
“Launching the power of offshore wind is critical to meeting New York’s ambitious 50 percent by 2030” renewables goal,” Kit Kennedy, Director, Energy & Transportation Program, NRDC said. “Today’s Offshore Wind Blueprint is an important start for a strategy that will make New York an offshore leader.”
“Offshore wind is the wave of the future and will enable New York to accomplish Governor Cuomo’s climate and clean energy goals,” Conor Bambrick, Air & Energy Director for Environmental Advocates of New York said. “Pollutants emitted from dirty fossil fuel power plants make people sick and stand in the way of New York remaining a true leader in climate action. Offshore wind farms will improve New York’s air and environment, combat climate change, and help keep us healthy. We hope that the release of the Blueprint marks the beginning of a series of actions that will lead to robust offshore development.”
“Sane Energy Project believes that a rapid, socially just, ambitious and environmentally responsible transition to offshore wind power will secure New York’s place at the forefront of the movement to renewable energy,” Kim Fraczek and Patrick Robbins, Co-Directors, Sane Energy Project said. “We are encouraged by the release of the master plan and look forward to working with NYSERDA and the Governor’s office to ensure that this plan creates a new offshore wind power industry right here in New York.”
"The blueprint brings into focus the vision of offshore wind as a cornerstone of New York's post-carbon energy system," NYPIRG's Russ Haven said.  "New York is blessed with coastlines close to our major electricity demand centers, making offshore wind development at scale a perfect answer to the question 'how does the Empire State get off fossil fuels?'"
“The Offshore Wind Blueprint is another step towards the development of large scale offshore wind in New York State which is an important component to help our state achieve the goal of 50 percent renewables by 2030,” Ling Tsou, Co-founder United for Action said. “Offshore wind power will not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help eliminate our reliance on fossil fuel and nuclear power; it will also generate jobs and stimulate local economy.”  
"In order to reach our goal of having 50 percent of New York's energy come from renewable sources by 2030, we must explore every option available. Offshore wind holds a great deal of potential for local clean energy generation in places like Long Island, which suffers from both high energy prices and heavy reliance on long distance transmission for its energy needs," Marcia Bystryn, President of the New York League of Conservation Voters said. "We applaud Governor Cuomo for his Blueprint to tap into this potential by advancing offshore development in a smart and responsible manner."
"We are thrilled with the release of New York's Offshore Wind Blueprint and applaud Governor Cuomo for ushering in a new, clean energy era in New York,” Elizabeth Broad, New Yorkers for Clean Power said. “By becoming the national leader in offshore wind, New York is showing the nation that we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create thousands of good, green jobs."
“Coming on the heels of a multiyear regulatory overhaul, the Offshore Wind Blueprint is yet another example of Governor Cuomo’s desire to reduce pollution and achieve clean energy goals,” Rory Christian, Director, New York Clean Energy at Environmental Defense Fund said. “The plan outlines a clear strategy to attract more renewable energy investments, create jobs, and spur economic growth as New York transitions to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.”

"As Long Islanders we welcome this grand vision to transform our grid into the 21st century renewable energy future that the people want, that our climate needs, and that our ratepayers deserve for their money," George Povall, Director of All Our Energy said. "It cannot begin too soon."

"Pace Energy and Climate Center salutes NY State for establishing the Offshore Wind Blueprint which will help facilitate the addition of offshore wind as a practical component of New York's clean energy future,” Roni F. Epstein, Director of Strategic Engagement at Pace Energy and Climate Center said.

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