COVID-19 Recovery Bill Includes Critical Funding for Air-Quality Monitoring, National Service Corps

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The passage of the COVID-19 recovery package includes essential investments in public health and environmental programs. The National Wildlife Federation heralded the package’s inclusion of $50 million each for improved air-quality monitoring in frontline communities and for Native American communities as well as $1 billion to implement the president’s national service corps.

“When we say, 'I can't breathe', we literally can't breathe,” said Mustafa Santiago Ali, vice president of environmental justice, climate, and community revitalization for the National Wildlife Federation. “These grants for Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, and other frontline communities are an important down-payment on the type of air-quality monitoring we need to help address the persistent, generations-old health problems fueled by environmental injustices.”

The National Wildlife Federation also welcomed the package’s inclusion of assistance for low income households to afford basic drinking and wastewater services and funding for a national service corps. The National Wildlife and its affiliates have been among the leading voices for a 21st century Civilian Conservation Corps that includes key reforms.

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