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April-May 2019

National Wildlife® // April-May 2019 Issue

Tackling a (Bird) Housing Shortage

In New Mexico, a community takes a rare and little-studied bird s...

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President’s View: Why Every Garden—and Gardener—Counts

Encouraging partnerships and participation to help pollinators

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La Visión del Presidente: ¿Por qué cada jardín–y jardinero–cuenta?

Fomentando alianzas y la participación para ayudar a los poliniza...

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Working for Wildlife

Denver’s Community Wildlife Habitat, encouraging kids to get outd...

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No Joke

Armadillos aren’t just pests or punch lines, researchers say, yet...

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Let Nature Take Its Course?

Learning when to intervene—or not—if you find a baby animal in yo...

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News of the Wild

Native plants help birds; bear ranges collide; seatrout spawn des...

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Bloom or Bust

By growing a diversity of flowering plants, gardeners are turning...

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A Plea for Trees

Dwindling numbers of urban trees are putting wildlife and people ...

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A Farewell to Lawns

Native turf-grass alternatives can reduce your environmental foot...

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Nature’s Witness: Prickly Perch

A gilded flicker hunts for a feast.

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Shared Moment: A Crunchy Lunch

Photographer Paulette Thomas documents an alligator munching crab...

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Capturing Nature’s Magic

The new Garden for Wildlife™ photo contest yields backyard gems.

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