Shared Moment: Sea Angel

A serendipitous shot of a sea turtle

  • Photo by Vance Solseth
  • PhotoZone
  • Aug 01, 2021

DURING AN "ABSOULTELY PERFECT" DAY of scuba diving off the Honduran island of Roatán, Vance Solseth was down about 40 feet in crystalline water when he paused to look up. “The water was so clear I could even see the clouds above, like looking straight into the sky,” he says. At that moment, he spotted a green sea turtle about to glide overhead. Anticipating a great frame, Solseth turned on his back and steadied himself, aiming his camera up and waiting for the turtle’s front flippers to be fully extended before making the shot. Only then did he notice that a sharksucker was hitching a ride—a surprise element “reflecting coexistence.” 

“This was the moment I decided photography was a passion, not just a hobby,” says Solseth, who aspires to become a professional. “Connectivity is a big part of what I try to convey in my work. For me, this image shows the beauty and peace of an endangered creature with an ability to coexist.”

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