2022 Photo Contest Honorable Mentions

National Wildlife's 2022 Photo Contest Honorable Mentions

SURPRISE! As our photo contest judges review the thousands of images submitted to our contest each year, some frames jump out with intense emotional punch. That was certainly the case in our 2022 contest, which drew more than 30,000 photos from some 3,100 photographers around the world.

The 2022 winners and honorable mentions presented here, from each of our nine different categories, reflect nature in all its rich variety. “I am always in awe of the breadth and beauty of the images submitted by photographers from around the world,” says Lisa Moore, editorial director of National Wildlife magazine. “From elegant birds in flight to vulnerable baby animals to the majesty of wilderness, these photos are reminders of what we are working to conserve for the next generation.”

Each and every photographer who entered their work in National Wildlife’s 2022 Photo Contest displays a love of nature and an appreciation of how photography can inspire people to care about wildlife and wild lands. Each entry also helps support the National Wildlife Federation’s mission to protect wildlife species and their habitats — a mission that’s more important today than ever before.

Whether avid amateurs or longtime professionals, nature photographers who share their gifts help the rest of us see the world through new eyes—and inspire us to save what we see.

Win Bragging Rights—and Prizes!

The 53rd annual National Wildlife Photo Contest is now open. First- and second-place winners in multiple categories receive cash prizes, and scores more receive honorable mentions—as well as the chance to see their photos published in print or online.


Amateur and professional photographers, this contest is for you. Show us your best images of wildlife and wild lands, from around the world and your own backyard. Your photos inspire our millions of members and supporters to care about wildlife and to act on its behalf. By submitting your work, you also support the National Wildlife Federation’s mission to protect wildlife species and habitats. Good luck!

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