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Bringing Back the Light

By Laura Tangley

Amid reports of firefly declines, you can help these iconic summer insects in your own backyard.

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Wildlife Garden Design

Weedy to Wonderful

Creating a wildlife-friendly garden that even the neatnik neighbors can love.

Gardening Tips

Gardening with Kids

9 Tips for Gardening with Kids

One of the best things you can cultivate in your yard is a new wildlife gardener.


California front yard with native plants by Saxon Holt (Photobotanic)

Redefining Curb Appeal

Homeowners are recognizing the value of replacing front lawns with native plants.

Backyard Visitors

Monarch on milkweed by Victor R. Quintanilla

Catering to Butterfly Royalty

Climate change may disrupt the chemistry of milkweeds; gardeners can help monarchs by planting more of these critical host plants.

Healthy Gardening

Mosquito Adult

Habitat Help in the Age of Zika

As peak mosquito season arrives, take steps to prevent disease without killing off the good bugs.

Backyard Photography

Bees on purple passionflower by Gerald C. Williamson

Plants for Pollinators: A Collection of Favorites

Wildlife gardeners across the country share photos and descriptions of prized native plants that attract pollinators to their yards.

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