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Monarch on butterfly weed

Peril at Journey's End

By Janet Marinelli

Fluttering down for the winter from as far as southern Canada, monarch butterflies face growing threats in their Mexican mountain sanctuaries.

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Bohemian Waxwing

Bird Feeding: No Feeders Required

If bird feeders are against the rules--or impractical--natural foods provide the perfect alternative.

Backyard Visitors

Sharp-shinned hawk by Jason Hunt (AP Photo/Coeur D'Alene Press)

When Birds Become Bird Food

Tips to deter--or enjoy--hawks that visit your feeders to prey on songbirds.

Gardening Tips

American Goldfinch by Brian Hansen

Setting a Winter Table for Wildlife

Rather than cutting down the native flowers in your garden, leave the seed heads and stalks standing until spring for birds to feast on.


Eastern Bluebird by Thomas McDowell

Why Communities Matter

Sometimes it takes a village to make a difference for imperiled wildlife.

Healthy Gardening

Plant seedlings by Richard Thomas

Get Your Garden Growing in Winter

Start seeds indoors to give wildlife-friendly plants with long growing seasons a head start.

Backyard Photography


Backyard Photo Tips

Photographing wildlife through a window: Seven ways to take great nature photos without leaving your house.

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