Offshore Wind Power

Offshore wind power has great potential to help America forge a clean, independent energy future — and to protect wildlife every step of the way.

There are currently more than 3,000 offshore wind turbines spinning worldwide — but, until December 2016, not a single turbine operated in U.S. waters. The Block Island Wind Farm — five turbines off the coast of Rhode Island — now produce enough clean energy to power 17,000 homes and mark the start of a new energy chapter for America. In 2021, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s Record of Decision for the Vineyard Wind project off the coast of Massachusetts — which followed more than three years of federal review and public comment — marked a historic moment for offshore wind power and what will be the first large-scale offshore wind project in the United States.

The National Wildlife Federation is working with a broad coalition of partners to build momentum and support for the rapid, environmentally responsible development of our offshore wind energy resources. We are committed to ensuring that the Block Island Wind Farm is just the beginning. If we are to protect wildlife from the dangers of climate change, we can no longer afford to ignore this massive clean energy opportunity.

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