Resources on Restoring the Clean Water Act

Discover in-depth resources relating to campaign to restore Clean Water Act protections.

PRESS RELEASE: Sportsmen's Groups applaud Waters of the U.S Rule

The National Wildlife Federation, the American Fly Fishing Trade Association, Berkley Conservation Institute, Izaak Walton League of America, Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, Trout Unlimited, and the Wildlife Management Institute issued this press statement in response to the EPA and Corps' unveiling of the Waters of the U.S rule.

FACT SHEET: "Protecting America's Waters"

What the rule will actually do, and why it is so necessary.

FACT SHEET: Hunters and Anglers, Fueling Our Nation's Economy and Paying for Conservation

Ensuring we have clean water isn't just good for our nation's health, it is vital to the hunter and anglers who help drive our economy.

REPORTS: Waters at Risk

This series of reports identifies case studies where the loss of Clean Water Act protections has put local waters in Colorado, Montana, South Carolina, and Tennessee at risk.

WEBSITE: Waters of the U.S

This is the official website from the EPA for the new Waters of the U.S Rule. It offers fact sheets, and explanation of what the rule will and will not do.

REPORT: Connectivity of Streams and Wetlands to Downstream Waters: A Review and Synthesis of Scientific Evidence

This is the EPA's independent Science Advisory Board's review of the science surrounding the connections between wetlands, streams, and other waters.

REPORT: Where Rivers Are Born: The Scientific Imperative for Defending Small Streams And Wetlands

This science report highlights the ecological and economic significances for protection the small streams and wetlands throughout America

REPORT: National Rivers and Streams Assessment 2008 - 2009

The Environmental Protection Agency's report found that 55% of the nation’s river and stream miles do not support healthy populations of aquatic life, with phosphorus and nitrogen pollution and poor habitat the most widespread problems

REPORT: The Clean Water Act and the Limits of Federal Jurisdiction

The Environmental Forum's report discusses the history of the Clean Water Act's scope, and the need for a broader approach to water guidance.

LETTER: Groups send a letter to EPA about the importance of streams and rivers for downstream waters

National, regional, and local groups submit comments to EPA regarding the Science Advisory Board's Connectivity report that was released in September 2013. These comments highlight the importance of using sound science to show the connection between small streams, wetlands, and headwaters and the larger downstream waters.

LETTER: Scientists Endorse Connectivity of Streams and Wetlands to Downstream Waters

A group of scientists specializing in streams and wetlands wrote this letter to the Science Advisory Board, praising the underlying science behind the upcoming Waters of the U.S Rule

FACT SHEET: Five Fishing Spots That Are Threatened by Bad Water Policies - and How Sportsmen and Sportswomen Can Make a Difference

A look at five great fishing waters, the issues they face, and how we can rectify the situation.

REPORT: "Courting Disaster"

A historic look at how the Supreme Court broke the Clean Water Act, and why Congress should

FACT SHEET: Global Warming and the Loss of Clean Water Act Protections

Science and recent events tell us that many of the most immediate severe impacts of global warming will affect water resources, making the restoration of Clean Water Act protections even more important.

OFFICIAL AMENDMENT: The Baucus-Klobuchar-Boxer amendment (S. 787)

Text of the amendment passed by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on June 18, 2009.

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