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EPA Power Plant Proposal ‘As Ill-Conceived As It Is Ill-Timed’ During Catastrophic Wildfires, Algal Outbreaks, Severe Weather

Washington, DC — The National Wildlife Federation urged the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reverse course on its purported replacement for the Clean Power Plan. Collin O’Mara, president and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation, said the proposal, which could send market-signals that result in increased greenhouse gas emissions, comes at the precise moment Americans are seeing algal outbreaks, catastrophic megafires, devastating floods and storms, and dangerous heat waves — all exacerbated by our changing climate.

“Reducing carbon emissions from power plants and other sources is an essential component of confronting the monumental problem of climate change. The EPA’s strategy is as ill-conceived as it is ill-timed to coincide with the tragedies fueled by a changing climate that communities are experiencing from coast to coast,” O’Mara said. “The EPA should reverse course on this proposed rule — and Congress should pursue innovative, swift climate solutions, such as Congressman Carlos Curbelo’s market-driving approach to reduce emissions.

This proposed plan is vastly inferior to the previous administration’s Clean Power Plan, which, following clear direction from the U.S. Supreme Court, was the first-ever rule requiring CO2 reductions from power plants. The Clean Power Plan served as the foundation of America’s commitment to the world that our nation is serious about climate action. The proposed alternative plan will, at best, slightly reduce carbon emissions but may end up actually increasing emissions, at a time when we need aggressive action.

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