Restoring Buffalo to Tribal Lands

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Restoring Buffalo to Tribal Lands with Jason Baldes

Andrea Auguiste headshot
Andrea Auguiste

Director of Philanthropy and Social Innovation

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Jason Baldes

Tribal Buffalo Program Manager


Buffalo once dominated grassland and prairie ecosystems across the West. As a keystone species, these great herds had a myriad of positive ecological impacts on the landscape and for the animals inhabiting it. Buffalo were also vital to the well-being of Indigenous communities. And while we cannot recreate the vast herds that once were, we can bring buffalo back to the landscape and throughout Indigenous culture.

Join Jason Baldes, the Federation’s Tribal Buffalo Program Manager and Eastern Shoshone Tribe Member, as he recalls formative memories exploring the backcountry with his dad while learning about the interconnected, interdependent relationship between the land, wildlife, and all of us. Jason will share how this deep knowledge impacted his decision to restore buffalo on the Wind River Reservation – and beyond – and how bringing buffalo back to the West will revitalize the landscape, habitat, and a diversity of wildlife, while also re-establishing Native Americans’ cultural and historic connections to wildlife and the land.

Recorded June 29, 2022.



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