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School Resources

The following resources are intended to help your school become familiar with the EcoSchools certification program. Plan and take action with your team!

Program Resources

Program & Certification Guide

START HERE: The Program & Certification Guide includes the steps to certification, how to get started on the ECA, and more. 

Certification Rubric

The Certification Rubric describes the criteria EcoSchools uses to assess school applications. 

Designing a Campaign

Explore 6 steps to run an effective school-wide campaign to address environmental issues.

Build an Action Team

Learn what it takes to build a strong Action Team.

Framework Grades K-5

Use the K-5 framework as a guide for elementary implementation and certification.

Framework Grades 6-12

Use the 6-12 framework as a guide for middle and high school implementation and certification.


Review the themes that are integral to the EcoSchools U.S. program.

Action Card Library 2023-2024

Find Action Card descriptions for the 2023-2024 school year.