Eco-Schools USA Awards

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Once your school has registered to participate in Eco-Schools USA and implemented the Seven Steps, you can apply for an Eco-Schools award. There are three levels of the award system: BronzeSilver and the prestigious Green Flag.

The criteria that make up each of the Seven Steps are assigned point values. As you complete each step, you will gain points toward an award. The points required are as follows:

    Bronze Award   100 points
    Silver Award     200 points 
    Green Flag        300 points

To keep track of your school's points, use the login information you received when you registered to access your school's dashboard. As you check off your accomplishments on the award form, the dashboard will display your current points total.

A school can apply for any one of these levels depending on the level of criteria it has met under each of the Seven Steps. Review the Bronze Award CriteriaSilver Award Criteria and Green Flag Award Criteria to determine which stage your school has reached and see if you're ready to apply for an award.

The Bronze and Silver Awards are self-assessed. To achieve a Green Flag, your progress must be assessed by an Eco-Schools USA representative and the award renewed every two years. A school is considered to be a permanent Eco-School once it has gained its fourth Green Flag.


How to Apply for an Award

  • Check our interactive map to find out if your school is already registered as an Eco-School. If not, go to our registration page and sign-up! Complete the registration form and click 'submit'.
  • If you previously registered as an Eco-School, simply login to access your school's profile.
  • On your school's profile page locate the 'submit new form' section. Using the pulldown menu select the award level you would like to apply for and click 'submit'.
  • Fill-out the award application and click 'submit'. If the application is only partially completed you can click 'save' and return to it at a later point.
  • If the application is successfully entered and all criteria met, your school will be automatically awarded the Eco-Schools USA Bronze or Silver Award. You will be able to download and print a personalized certificate of achievement.


Green Flag Schools

Eco-Schools USA has been privileged to award Eco-Schools’ highest honor, the Green Flag, to the following U.S schools who’ve made significant and measurable changes impacting the environmental sustainability, both within the school and throughout the larger community.



Academe of the Oaks
Highlands Ranch High School
Woodrow Wilson Middle School
Concord Hill School
Eastside Memorial High School, Johnston Campus
Flint Hill Elementary (2nd Green Flag)
Lanier Middle School (2nd Green Flag)
St. Andrews School
Whitehouse School
Woodcliff Middle School


Belvedere Elementary School
Briargrove Elementary School
Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter School
Centreville Elementary School  
Charles F. Patton Middle School  
Chesterbrook Elementary  
Daniels Run Elementary  
Eisenhower High School  
Fox Creek Elementary  
Franklin Sherman Elementary  
Haycock Elementary  
Longfellow Middle School  
Ps333 Manhattan School for Children  
Mary Rieke Elementary  
McFatter Technical Center  
Old Trail School  Wildlife Station
Pioneer Elementary School  
Ps166 The Richard Rodgers School  
Rocky Run Middle School  
Sand Creek Elementary   
Sedalia Elementary  
Small Green Tech Academy  
Spectrum Charter School  
Unity Charter School
William Annin Middle School

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What Is Eco-Schools USA?
Eco-Schools USA is a holistic, green school program that
  • greens the school building
  • greens the school grounds
  • greens the curriculum and student experience

NWF is working to recruit thousands of K-12 public, private and charter schools across the United States to become a part of the Eco-Schools USA program.  Learn more about Eco-Schools USA.

Green Flag Schools
Green Flag Award Winners

Check out our past Green Flag Awardees. Their hard work and dedication to the environment is inspiring.