Climate Change Curriculum Connections

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Schools play a major role in the education of tomorrow's consumers and decision makers. Helping students understand climate change, its impacts and its solutions prepares them to take an active role in making good choices for both society and the environment.




Organization Resource, Activity, or Lesson Plan * Grade Level
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star Kids - Provides information and activities to encourage kids to save energy Elementary, Middle
U.S. Department of Energy Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy K-12 Lesson Plans and Activities - Presents a wide selection of energy-related lesson plans, searchable by grade level and topic Elementary, Middle, Secondary
Climate Change
NASA Climate Kids - De-mystifies global climate change science using simple illustrations, humor, interactivity, and age-appropriate language Elementary
Climate Classroom Teens, National Wildlife Federation An Inconvenient Truth in the Classroom - Provides a climate change curriculum for high school students that includes lesson plans and action ideas Middle, Secondary
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Climate Change Kids Site - Engages kids in learning about climate change with information, animations, games, and solutions Middle
National Wildlife Federation Happy Feet Two - Educator's Guide and other materials about penguins, puffins, ocean habitat, and climate change to complement the film Happy Feet Two Elementary
National Wildlife Federation Climate Classroom Kids - NWF's comprehensive climate change website with separate sections for younger children and teens Elementary
Facing the Future Climate Change Lessons: Fueling the Future
Watch Where You Step
Solving Inequalities: Carbon Emissions
Climate Change: Connections & Solutions, Grades 6-8
Climate Change: Connections & Solutions, Grades 9-12
- A comprehensive Climate Change Curriculum for Middle and Secondary Students
Middle, Secondary
NWF Eco-Schools USA PBI and Tundra Connections - Learn about arctic animals, specifically the polar bear along with ways for students to take action through place-based learning. Elementary, Middle, Secondary


* Elementary (K-5)
Middle School (6-8)
Secondary (9-12)


EPA - A Student's Guide to Global Climate Change

Help your students better understand the impact's to our natural world from the effects of global climate change!  Learn more>>



A Distance Learning Adventure

The U.S. Forest Service, Prince William Network and partners, that include the National Wildlife Federation, bring climate learning to you through our series of webcasts, webinars, and online climate education resources: ClimateChange LIVE!

Climate Change LIVE