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WOW: Watersheds, Oceans & Wetlands

WOW focuses on the unique needs and concerns of water outside of the school building. Schools can address any combination of the sub-pathways within WOW to receive recognition when applying for an Eco-Schools USA award. Each sub-pathway will have its own set of tools and resources.

Water covers 71 percent of the Earth’s surface. Water is a basic need of all living matter on Earth. Think for a moment about your relationship with water; how many times a day do you access a water source? That answer varies by person, by state and by country, however we are all connected to the same water. Water is critical to life and our way of life impacting our environment, health, economy, and societal relationships. For that reason we must be stewards and protectors of waterways.

Eco-Schools USA Watersheds Pathway

Eco-Schools USA Oceans Pathway

Eco-Schools USA Wetlands Pathway

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