Seven Step Framework


Most young people genuinely care about environmental issues and are inspired to make positive changes in the environment around them. Eco-Schools USA encourages children and youth to take an active role in learning about and taking action in their school community.

Millions of studSeven Stepsents participate in Eco-Schools around the world, from countries such as Japan, Ireland, Brazil and Australia, but no matter where they are, all Eco-Action Teams utilize the Seven Step Framework.

The Eco-Schools USA Seven Step Framework is designed to be a flexible process and one that any school can implement. You are encouraged within the Framework to implement each of the Seven Steps in a way that suits your school and situation best.  Our new Handbook will walk you through the process, starting with essential framing questions and one page "how-to" for each step in the process. We have also put together a resource Toolkit, where you will find our most commonly used forms all in one place.


It is important that you have made progress on each of the Seven Steps before applying for one of the three Eco-Schools USA awards: Bronze, Silver or the Green Flag. Award criteria are provided for each of the Seven Steps. The type of award you apply for will depend upon how successfully each criteria is addressed.

The Seven Step Framework

Step 1: Form an Eco-Action Team

Step 2: Conduct an Environmental Audit

Step 3: Create an Eco-Action Plan

Step 4: Monitor and Evaluate Progress

Step 5: Link to Existing Curriculum

Step 6: Involve the Community

Step 7: Create Your Eco-Code




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Green Ribbon Schools
Dept of Education 

The U.S. Department of Education announced in April 2011 the creation of the Green Ribbon Schools program to recognize schools that are creating healthy and sustainable learning environments and teaching environmental literacy. Click here to learn more!

Find Your Pathways
Using the Seven Step Framework to guide your efforts, Eco-Schools provides you the flexibility to determine which of the ten pathways to sustainability will best help you and your students meet their goals.  Learn more about the ten pathways.