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Conduct an Audit

Your School’s Sustainability Snapshot

The Environmental Checklist is an essential tool for understanding the current environmental status of your school. This review will guide you toward the comprehensive pathway audits you may want to conduct and will begin to inform your Eco-Action Plan. See the Environmental Checklist for details on conducting your audit.

two students conducting an auditHow To Conduct an Environmental Audit: A Role-Play Activity

1. Using role play is a fun, collaborative learning tool. Instead of laying out the rules your students will follow, have them act out how they should and should not act when conducting an environmental audit in a classroom, common area (such as a courtyard or cafeteria), or in the school’s offices. The class can then work together to determine “the rules” for conducting reviews.

2. Split the class in half. Team A’s assignment is to demonstrate how not to conduct an audit at the school and Team B’s assignment is to demonstrate how an audit should be conducted at school. Provide each team five minutes to devise a plan.

3. At the conclusion of the five minutes, ask Team A to role play first while Team B sits at their desks and then reverse roles.

4. After both teams have presented, have a class discussion to determine “best practice” guidelines for conducting a review.

Pathway Audits

In additional to the optional Environmental Checklist, pathway-specific audits provide a more comprehensive look at the situations you’ve chosen to address within your school community. Baseline audits and post-action audits, as well as guides to conducting audits, are available for grade bands K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.