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Earth Month

Earth is an exceptional place. It’s our home. Home to diverse people and cultures, plants and animals, and deserves to be celebrated every day of the year. 

It’s been over 50 years since the first Earth Day (1970), when people around the nation took to the streets to use their voice to drive change for the health of the planet. Learn more about Earth Day’s rich history

Keep the Earth Day Celebration Going Every Day With These 10 Simple Actions to Take for the Planet

Ever been on a spring scavenger hunt? Find a variety of fun, outdoor activities with the National Wildlife Federation's Green Hour.

Follow the steps for this simple activity using seeds/spices found around the house - A Seedy Experiment

Help advance scientific research by contributing data remotely. Use the SciStarter Project Finder to explore opportunities. 

Don't let energy vampires drain your electricity. Go around the house and unplug anything not in use.

Explore ways to participate in Bike to School Day in May with your family or in your neighborhood

Find age-appropriate lessons for students to complete from the classroom or in a remote location.


Learn how everyday activities impact your carbon footprint

Here's two short films to start with:

Have an at home challenge. First, determine how much single-use plastic each person uses in one day. This includes items like plastic grocery bags, water bottles, and plastic food packaging. Then have everyone commit to ways to reduce use.