Nature’s Witness: Table for One

A tiny pika nibbles a flower from stem tip to bloom

  • Photograph by Donald M. Jones
  • PhotoZone
  • Jun 01, 2018

AFTER PLUCKING a long-stemmed flower from an alpine meadow, this plump pika scampered to a perch and nibbled away, devouring the entire snack bottom to top. “There was nothing left,” says Don Jones, who was lucky enough to catch the action through his lens.

Don Jones Headshot

A veteran wildlife photographer who specializes in big-game species, Jones had been photographing elk in a crowded national park in Alberta, Canada, when he decided to grab some quiet time with smaller creatures. “I was hoping for some alone time,” he says. “It’s like detox, getting away from everyone and having fun with these little critters.” His quest to find pikas paid off when this cooperative little guy showed up for lunch.

Jones has had many unforgettable moments with wildlife during his 25-year career, but feels most gratified when people say they appreciate nature more after seeing his work. “I feel empowered when I hear that,” he says. “These animals have given me a lot. I want to give something back.”

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