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April–May 2021

National Wildlife® // April–May 2021 Issue

Homegrown for Good

Growing food organically—at home or in community gardens—can bene...

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When Pest Comes to Shove

Mosquito spraying harms pollinators and other wildlife—but there ...

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Empty Lots ... of Opportunity

Communities are turning unused land into green havens that nurtur...

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Too Much Wiggle Room

Invasive earthworms are spreading across the planet—transforming ...

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New Path Toward Growth

Innovative partnership teaches science by gardening for wildlife.

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President's View: Enlisting Gardeners to Plant for Monarchs

A mighty effort to protect our monarch butterflies

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La Visión del Presidente: Invitando a los Aficionados a la Jardinería a Plantar por la Monarca

Un enorme esfuerzo para la protección de nuestra mariposa monarca

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Working for Wildlife

Keystone plants benefit wildlife, an environmental win in the Gre...

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Editor's Note: Becoming a Believer

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News of the Wild

An abundance of suburban wildlife, mowing milkweed for monarchs a...

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Seeds of Recovery

Horticultural therapists cultivate the curative power of gardenin...

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Capturing Nature’s Magic

Winners of the 2020 Garden for Wildlife photo contest reveal livi...

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Nature's Witness: Blown Away

A molting Arctic fox reveals a bit of nature's magic.

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Shared Moment: Just Too Cute

Which is more charming—the bloom or the baby opossum?

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WildLive: Garden for Wildlife

A livestream conversation with Naturalist David Mizejewski and GF...

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