Editor's Note: New Year, New Vision

  • Lisa Moore, Editorial Director
  • Conservation
  • Dec 01, 2020

On a winter evening, a red fox pauses near the tallest mountains in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park

I CONFESS I WILL NOT MOURN the passing of the year 2020, undoubtedly one of the most trying in our lifetimes. And I’m sorry for all the pain many of you and your families have had to endure, especially those of you in marginalized communities suffering disproportionately from the systemic racism that plagues our country. The health and well-being of your communities is the measure of our success as a nation.

Lisa Moore, National Wildlife Editorial Director

While I realize the new year will have its own ongoing challenges, I also feel the inevitable excitement of new beginnings. I’m particularly eager to welcome 2021 because it marks the launch of National Wildlife® magazine’s 50th annual photo contest and our new Nature’s Witness™ initiative. This is an invitation to all photographers—whether amateur or professional—to help the National Wildlife Federation raise awareness about our planet and our common responsibility to protect it. We are proud to showcase this goal by publishing the winners of our 2020 photo contest as well as the work of conservation photographers such as Melissa Groo, Tony Wu, Michael Forsberg and Suzi Eszterhas. They, like you, are dedicated to being Nature’s Witnesses, documenting life and working to protect it. Thank you for joining us in this cause. Wishing you a bright—and peaceful—new year.

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