Schoolyard Habitats® Planning Guide

Thank you for joining us for our series designed around the Schoolyard Habitats Planning Guide.  

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Webinar #1: Moving beyond the Garden: Creating your Schoolyard Outdoor Classroom 

Webinar #2: Best Practices of Outdoor Learning: Moving From an Indoor to an Outdoor Educator

Webinar #3: Maximizing the Educational Potential of Your School Campus for Learning

Webinar #4: Expanding and Maintaining Your Outdoor Classroom for Learning: Design Ideas & Tools,

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National Wildlife Federation
Schoolyard Habitats® Planning Guide

National Wildlife Federation Schoolyard Habitats Planning Guide

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Every person should have access to green space, clean air, water, and healthy soil. But that’s not always the case, especially in communities most impacted by racism and wealth inequality. When you create a schoolyard habitat, you give every student in your school a chance to see, smell, touch, and care for nature.

This guide will help you plan, build, and maintain your National Wildlife Federation Schoolyard Habitats® garden, leading you through a clear, step-by-step process. You’ll also find Green STEAM learning opportunities for students and many environment-based teaching tools.

The National Wildlife Federation is committed to supporting school communities in developing their schoolyard habitats. Whether you’re a teacher, administrator, parent, or community member, we hope this guide will help transform your schoolyard into a vibrant, living resource for learning, health, and community resilience.


Step-by-Step Instructions

Hands-On Activities

Green STEAM Connections

“We are helping out nature a lot! I helped plant twelve trees today, and now I have a goal to plant one million by the time I’m old.”

–5th grader at Price Elementary, Lancaster, PA

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