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Outdoors Staff

National Wildlife Federation staff are drawn to the work by their love of our natural resources, and for many, that love is rooted in their experiences as hunters and anglers. Staff across the federation work on fish and wildlife issues critical to our outdoor pursuits. The following staff are hunters and anglers and the core of our sporting staff who work every day on the issues and programs that support our outdoor experiences.


Meet the Team

Aaron Kindle

Aaron Kindle

Director of Sporting Advocacy

A lifelong Westerner, Aaron possesses a deep appreciation for the West, its people, and its wild country. Aaron focuses on numerous hunter/angler conservation efforts for the National Wildlife Federation, including elevating the Federation’s sporting voice across the country. Read bio >>

Marcia Brownlee

Marcia Brownlee

Artemis Program Manager

As the program manager for the National Wildlife Federation’s Artemis Sportswomen initiative, Marcia focuses on creating a community of powerful, informed sportswomen who will foster positive change and defend and secure the future of our public lands, waters, and wildlife. Read bio >>

Ashley Chance

Ashley Chance

Southeast Program Coordinator

Ashley lives in east Tennessee with her husband and two dogs. She spends time outdoors as a hunter, angler, and horseback rider. Ashley’s role as the South East Regional Coordinator is to extend the work of Artemis to southern states by supporting sportswomen as conservation leaders and helping them to build community. Read bio >>

Mandela van Eeden

Mandela van Eeden

Sporting Communications Coordinator

Mandela started documenting stories around conservation in China and Australia as a teenager and, to this day, her intention is to seek and share knowledge by producing video, audio, print and live multimedia storytelling. Read bio >>

Additional National Wildlife Federation staff are inveterate hunters and anglers, and are working on programs and issues related to hunting and fishing.

Education Coordinator
(Missoula, MT)

Tribal Bison Coordinator
(Fort Washakie, WY)

Director of Conservation Partnerships for IA, KS, OK, TX
(Austin, TX)

Field Director, Public Lands
(Santa Fe, NM)

Director of Conservation Partnerships for CO, NE, NM, AZ
(Littleton, CO)

Director of Conservation Partnerships for CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, RI, VT
(Montpelier, VT)

Sportsmen Outreach Coordinator for Vanishing Paradise
(Memphis, TN)

Director of Conservation Partnerships for WI, MN, MI
(Rochester, MN)

Senior Program Manager for Wildlife Conflict Resolution (Missoula, MT)

Director of Conservation Partnerships for AR, LA, MO, MS
(Austin, TX)

Senior Wildlife Biologist
(Washington, DC)

Director of Wildlife, Hunting, and Fishing Policy
(Washington, DC)

Wildlife Conflict Resolution Program Manager
(Longmont, CO)

Regional Connectivity Coordinator
(Santa Fe, NM)

Great Lakes Policy Director
(Ann Arbor, MI)

Director of Tribal Lands
(Loveland, CO)

Director of Conservation Partnerships for AL, GA, SC, FL
(Marietta, GA)

Sportsmen Outreach Coordinator for Vanishing Paradise
(New Orleans, LA)

Senior Director for Western Wildlife and Conservation
(Cheyenne, WY)

Southeast Director of Private Lands Forestry
(Peachtree City, GA)

Director of Conservation Partnerships for IL, IN, OH
(Ann Arbor, MI)

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