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Vanishing Seasons

Vanishing Seasons: The Effects of Climate Change on Hunting and Angling

Hunters and anglers have a long history of conservation and have passed our sporting traditions down through families and communities over generations. Our traditions are founded in the stewardship of our nation’s lands, water and wildlife. We have hunted and fished our country's amazing lands and waters for decades. These numerous days afield have earned us a perspective and understanding of what a changing climate means to our wildlife heritage.

The consequences of climate change are more evident every day and are undoubtedly having an impact on hunting and fishing. Sportsmen and women are critical in educating the public due to our intimate knowledge of the lands, waters and wildlife of our nation. It is now our duty to safeguard the places we rely on by sharing our stories.

NWF Outdoors is taking up that challenge through an audio series that brings sporting voices into full focus when discussing climate. “Vanishing Seasons: Climate Chronicles from the Field” is a collection of stories from across the nation exploring how climate change is impacting our sporting lives. Take a listen and get engaged!

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